Fireworks over Atlantis Resort 10

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If you are on Paradise Island on the Fourth of July, a must see is the amazing fireworks display put on by Atlantis Resorts.

The fireworks display commemorates American Independence.

The show creates images ideal for adding drama to your wall.

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Canvas prints are wrapped around a 0.40" padded, warp-resistant board. A hanging block on the back "floats" your print 0.75" away from the wall. Each Float Mount is coated for added protection.

Metal Prints are always a conversation piece. Made with a high-heat process that fuses your image into aluminum, Metal Prints give your image incredible vibrancy, depth and luminosity. Printed on .045" thick ChromaLuxe panels with 1/8" rounded corners and made of 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum. Easy mounting with an Exhibit Mount made of 2mm-thick black Styrene on the back of the Metal Print and finished with a black Metal Inset Frame hung with wire. Exhibit Mounts float your print away from the wall 3/4" using Metal Inset Frame.

My photography comes alive on incredible Acrylic Prints. My Acrylic Prints are made with a superior technique. Rather than UV print directly to the acrylic, they are Giclée (premium inkjet) printed on paper using archival inks for a broader color and tonal range. Then a 1/4" thick acrylic is directly mounted to the face of the print. The polished acrylic is optically clear, which augments image color and detail to high-definition effect. Each Acrylic Print comes with a DiBond Backing and a black French Cleat to easily hang your print and keep it level.

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